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Goelst 2200: manually operated curtain rails

One of Goelst's most sold curtain rails for quality,
even in volume: stable, solid and elegant

For all kinds of curtains

Goelst offers various types of curtain rails made of
high-quality aluminum, for curtains of every kind and size.

Elegant design

Goelst offers versatile curtain rails, suitable for all ceiling and wall types. Our various rail profiles can be used for light to heavy curtains, roman blinds, panel curtains and shower curtains. We also have hospital curtain rails!

Electric curtain tracks

Automatic curtain rails give optimal luxury and comfort!
Easy to connect to any home automation system.

Silent suppleness in style

Goelst fits in every type of interior; modern or traditional.

Tailored to your needs

Bending curtain rails is no problem for Goelst. We don't
just make curtain rails, but perfectly coordinated systems.

Goelst quality since 1979

High-quality aluminum curtain rail – Goelst G-Rail®

Since we have our own product development, installation, project and service departments, we are capable of handling nearly every requirement concerning curtain rails. We supply total solutions where required and gladly accept your challenging custom order. You'll find our G-RAIL® products in hospitals, health care facilities, ships, hotels, luxury homes and in office locations.

G-Rail makes Goelst the market leader in curtain rails. In addition to standard curtain rails, Goelst also supplies drapes, skylight systems and panel curtain systems. All these systems can be electrified for integration into any domestic automation system.

Curtain rails by Goelst: elegant design, luxurious look

Goelst offers you flexible curtain tracks, suitable for any type of ceiling or wall. Our wide variety of rail profiles can be used for lace curtains, light curtains, heavier lined curtains and light-opaque fabrics. The elegant curtain system can be easily bent and fit into any interior requiring a stylish finish!

Smooth opening and closing of your curtains!

Our systems can be custom made for an entire room from a single piece of curtain rail, including bends. With this, we resolve the disadvantage of separate bends and malfunctioning rail connections. The combination of high-quality skids and continuous aluminum profile ensures that your curtains always open and close smoothly and silently! Do you have panel curtains, closing curtains or drapes? Goelst offers an appropriate system for every type of curtain. Operation of the curtains by means of cord, manually or electrically – all are possible.

Electric curtain rails: the comfort of automatic curtains

Goelst electrical curtain rails are easy to connect to nearly any domestic automation system and to operate with a remote control. Automatic curtain rails provide luxury and comfort! Moreover, when you're away from home, you can simulate someone being home - a comforting thought. Electrical curtain rails can be used on a wide variety of systems for closing curtains, panel curtains and winter garden systems.

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