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Automatic curtain rails provide luxury and comfort! Furthermore, when you're away from home, you can also simulate someone being home - a comforting thought. Goelst electrical curtain rails can be connected easily to virtually any domestic automation system.

Electric curtain tracks Goelst

The electrical curtain rail systems are produced made-to-measure and can be installed without an electrician. Attractive options include the releasable leader (PRS) that allows for manual operation.

The 6200 is a 24 V electrically operated curtain rail system. The 6200 provides even more power and luxury functions such as continuous acceleration/deceleration speeds and programmable intervals.

Simple to connect and to operate

The G-Rail electrically operated curtain rail systems can now be connected to each other as desired. The integrated G-Rail CAN-BUS system enables the connection and operation of multiple electrical curtain rail systems with a single remote control. In addition to infrared, radiographic operation is also possible, of course.

Electric curtain tracks

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    • • Made in Europe
    • • Electrically operated curtain track. One of the leading products in our assortment
    • • Ultra-quiet and can be used in a wide variety of situations – to enhance home comfort, but also in the care sector as an aid for disabled persons and the elderly
    • • The system can also be integrated in most home automation systems
    • • Our smallest motor, 1.0Nm, can be used with track lengths of up to 10 metres and curtain weights up to 40kg
    • • Our most powerful motor, 3.0Nm, can be used with track lengths up to 30 metres and curtain weights up to 180kg
    • • It can be easily mounted in various ways on a wall or ceiling
    • • Unique compact pulley and intermediate pulley. This gives the system a tighter finish.

      Download G-Motion manual

  2. G-Motion

    • • Designed and built in The Netherlands
    • • G-motion’s modular design offers a great set of added functionalities
    • • Integratable with home automation system, numerous customizable options
    • • Compatible with Goelsts’ top quality curtain tracks and accessories
    • • Competitive pricing and great service!

      Download G-Motion manual

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