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Goelst quality

Technology and design, developed and made in the Netherlands since 1978

  • • 6200 motorized rail system has been developed and launched by Goelst in 2001 and has set the standard for the whole industry at the time;
  • • Goelst about to launch 4th generation motor aiming at setting a new standard in technology and design; the motor is manufactured entirely in Western Europe;
Goelst aluminium profiles are made of highest quality raw material resulting in exceptionally strong but bendable product
- the rails stiffness, achieved by an additional aging treatment, as well as their design allow for less support and faster installation;
- the range of distances between ceiling and wall brackets varies between 30cm and 250cm depending on rail-type and application;
- on average the distance between brackets is between 60cm and 80cm;
- the rails bendability allows the smallest radius of curves and very wide range of curving, incl. up-rising curves;
  • • The rails are powder-coated with high-quality Akzo Nobel coat, developed specially for Goelst; the coat thickness is between 90-110mu and covers the entire rail including the inside of the gliding track; that ensures smooth gliding along the rail and trouble-less bending of the rail (no coat cracks);
  • • The standard rails color is off-white (RAL 9010), so the rails don’t stand out against an off-white ceiling; the ceiling paint is discoloring much faster than the rail-coating;
  • • Custom-made colors and solutions can be produced;
  • • Goelst gliders are self-lubricating, leaving behind a thin film each time they move along the track; that ensures silent and maintenance-free life-time use in combination with all Goelst tracks, including bended tracks;
  • • For the optimal result we advise to spray-coat the tracks with Goelst silicone before first-time use;
  • • Goelst offers gliders-break in case the gliders are moving too easy, e.g. while using a stiff curtain fabric;
  • • Goelst WAVE-system works with excellent quality, easy to confection, self-adhesive tapes;
  • • Goelst curtain systems offer the best performance and value when offered completely assembled;
  • • Goelst offers installation services (NL, BE, North Germany, North France);
  • • Goelst offers a support desk and after-sales service;
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