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Goelst curtain rail systems

Shower curtain rails - Moisture resistant, smoothly gliding shower curtain rails

Say goodbye to annoying flapping shower curtains. Our systems can be made to measure from a single piece of rail, including the bends. With this, we resolve the disadvantage of separate bends and malfunctioning rail connections. The combination of moisture-proof plastic components with a continuous aluminum profile ensures that your shower curtains always open and close smoothly and silently! Mounting accessories make these rails easy to install and stable everywhere.

Shower curtain rails

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    • • The ideal track for shower curtains with the looks of a curtain pole
    • • Strong, easy to bend and, if necessary, available with suspension hangers
    • • Without suspension hangers, this track can be mounted between two walls across a straight length of up to 180cm
    • • With suspension hangers, this track is the ideal solution in hospitals and care institutions
    • • Exceptionally easy to bend

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