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Types of curtain rails

Handbediende gordijnrails voor meerdere gordijnlagen

Manually operated curtain tracks

Manually operated Goelst curtain rails are available in several varieties: narrow curtain track, wide curtain track and multiple track..

Goelst offers you flexibly deployable curtain rails suitable for any type of ceiling or wall. Our wide variety of rail profiles provides solutions for all types of curtains such as lace curtains, transparent curtains, lined curtains and heavy light-opaque fabrics. Quickly and easily installed.. 

Narrow curtain track - compact and elegant

The narrow track profiles are compact and elegant. Various types of rails are available for installation on the wall or on the ceiling..

2100-W curtain track system 2102-W curtain track system 2102-W curtain rail system 2200-W curtain rail system 2400-W curtain rail 2600-W curtain track 2102 curtain rail system 2200 curtain track system 2400 curtain rail 2600 curtain track

• 2100, 2102: Elegant rails with attention to detail such as the patented supports with cover caps to hide screws. Suitable for curtains and lace curtains.
• 2200: for lace curtains and slightly heavier curtains.
• 2300, 2400: extremely compact, elegant rail.
• 2600: rounded rail with quick flush mounting on the ceiling. Particularly suitable for lace curtains and light curtains

Wide curtain track - strong, robust rails

The wide channel rails are robust, strong and suitable for heavier applications. Various types of rails are available for installation on the wall or on the ceiling.

4100-W Wide curtain track 4200 Wide curtain track 4520 Wide curtain track 4530-W Wide curtain track 4540-W Wide curtain track 4550-W Wide curtain track 4560-W Wide curtain track 4600 Wide curtain track 4700 Wide curtain track 4701 Wide curtain track 4702 Wide curtain track 4703 Wide curtain track 4800 Wide curtain track 4100 4200 4600 4700 4800 4900

• 4100: the strongest rail system in the assortment, with a narrow, high shape. Very suitable for bending.
• 4200, 5100: the look of a classic curtain rod, the comfort of a real curtain rail.
• 4301: very suitable for tight fixing to a wall or windowsill.
• 4400: compact rail with the elegance of a small channel profile and the strength of a wide channel profile. Particularly suited to concealed ceiling fixing.
• 4600: for lace curtains and light to medium drapes. Invisible mounting; suitable for bay windows among other applications.
• 4700: four types of profile for mounting directly on to the ceiling.
• 4800: for average to medium-weight curtains. Extremely stable rails, convenient for dropped ceiling systems.
• 4900: can be concealed in wooden ceilings

Multiple track - perfect overlap for lace curtains and drapes

Our multiple track profiles are extremely practical: you need to use only one rail profile for a perfect overlap for both drapes and window curtains. In places where you would otherwise have to install multiple rails, you now install two in one: no more unnecessary double work, just a single finished unit - always with two perfectly parallel tracks. You can choose between 2-track and 3-track to achieve a perfect overlap in lace curtains or drapes. Also there are no supports, which results in a very clean look, especially when curtains are opened..

2900 Multiple track 2901 Multiple track 2904 Multiple track 2905 Multiple track 2906 Multiple track 4520-W Multiple track 4530-W Multiple track 4540-W Multiple track 4550-W Multiple track 4560-W Multiple track 2900 profiles 2900 2901 2904 2905 2906 4500 profiles 4520

• 2900: install rail once for both lace curtains and drapes!
• 4500: this multiple track curtain rail is also suitable for dropped ceiling systems and heavier applications.

Cord-operated curtain track

Goelst cord-operated curtain rails are available in a number of models and are suitable for both light and heavy curtains. Your curtain can be moved smoothly and silently. The elegant rail systems can be easily bent and fit into any interior requiring a stylish finish!

• 5100: the look of a classic curtain rod combined with the comfort of a cord-operated curtain rail.
• 5300: stable system for curtain weights of up to 17 kg
• 5600: elegant rails with very detailed solid finish. For medium weight to heavyweight curtains. Can be mounted invisibly on to the ceiling. If so desired, the cord operation side can be changed easily and without tools after installation.

5100 Cord-operated curtain rails 5300-W Cord-operated curtain rails 5600-W Cord-operated curtain rails

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