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Become a Goelst dealer

Goelst strives day after day for products and service of the highest quality. That is why the Goelst curtain rail systems are only sold by carefully selected suppliers. Are curtain rail systems a valuable addition to your assortment? Then Goelst will be happy to work with you.

How does it work?

Customers who are interested in Goelst curtain rail systems are referred to the nearest Goelst affiliated dealer. The advantages for you as a dealer:

  • - Professional support in advice, sales and marketing
  • - Guaranteed product quality
  • - A strong brand name with a perfect reputation
  • - Extensive database with product descriptions
  • - Listing on well-visited website
  • - Promotional and visual material

Goelst sales support

To support you even better, Goelst has developed a number of possibilities to make the sale of the Goelst products even easier and clearer for you, such as Goelst documentation, images, sample sets, the Goelst expo tower and Goelst counter display.

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