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The three advantages of electric operated bed separation rails

Bed curtains in care institutions offer patients privacy when required. Unfortunately, the privacy curtains and screens that are currently on the market have a number of disadvantages.
electric operated bed separation railsThe disadvantages of most privacy curtains
Hospitals are obviously the last place where an accumulation of potentially hazardous microbes is wanted. However, that is exactly what happens and the privacy curtains and screens currently in use are one of the main causes of the problem. Because operating a curtain is a minor task that nursing staff, visitors and patients all perform very regularly, it is virtually impossible to expect people to wash their hands every time before touching the curtain or screen.

electric operated bed separation railsAlthough screens can be washed more easily and more often than curtains, it would be much more practical if nobody had to touch them at all. Even if a screen is washed every day, it will still be touched by many hands time and time again before the cleaners come round again. And those hands can all serve as a source of microbe contamination or transmission. Furthermore, the risk of contamination is not the only disadvantage of touching privacy curtains or screens. Opening or closing curtains or screens is a simple operation, but it is nevertheless a task that has to be done. If you consider how many patients nurses see on any given day and their workload, every additional task is one too many.

In short, why don’t we try to eliminate both disadvantages? No touching and no extra work?

One less task for nursing staff
Normal privacy curtains or cannot be operated by the patient from their bed. Electric curtain tracks do, however, offer this possibility. Electric operation reduces the number of minor tasks that nursing staff have to perform and shortens walking distances. In short, a small, but not unimportant contribution to lightening the workload in the care sector.

Electrically operated curtains for hospitals cannot be compared with electrical curtains for home use. The curtains react directly to controls and move very quickly so no time is lost with waiting.

Extra convenience for patients
As a patient in a hospital, you always have to depend on other people. For this reason, Goelst would like to give patients at least control of their privacy. Electric curtains can be easily operated with one touch of a button and therefore not only benefit the staff, but also the patients.

The main advantage of electrically operated curtains is of course hygiene. The only component that still has to be touched is the remote control; but who knows, even that might not be necessary anymore in the future. The actual curtains do not have to be touched by hand. As a result, frequent cleaning is redundant.

Advantages compared to standard curtains and privacy screens:
  • • Lightening of the workload: no longer an additional task for staff.
  • • Personal control: extra convenience for patients.
  • • Hygiene: bed privacy curtains do not have to be touched.

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