Cord-operated curtain rails

For every interior requiring a stylish finish!

5100 cord operated curtain rails 5300 cord operated curtain track 5600 cord operated curtain rails  Cord operated curtains

Cord-operated curtain rails

Goelst cord-operated curtain rails are available in a number of models and are suitable for both light and heavy curtains. Your curtain can be moved smoothly and silently. The elegant rail systems can be easily bent and fit into any interior requiring a stylish finish!

• 5100: the look of a classic curtain rod combined with the comfort of a cord-operated curtain rail.
• 5300: stable system for curtain weights of up to 17 kg
• 5600: elegant rails with very detailed solid finish. For medium weight to heavyweight curtains. Can be mounted invisibly on to the ceiling. If so desired, the cord operation side can be changed easily and without tools after installation.

5100 Cord-operated curtain rails 5300-W Cord-operated curtain rails 5600-W Cord-operated curtain rails