Roman blinds systems

Operated by cord or electrically

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Roman blinds systems

The roman blind systems are available in several varieties and are suitable for light, transparent fabrics up to heavier applications such as lined curtains. You can choose from cord, chain or electrically operated roman blind systems. The roman curtains can be stopped at any desired height.

• 7400: v for medium-weight to heavy fabrics, always pulls up straight and smoothly.
• 7400-E: electrical model of the roman blind system Download brochure (pdf)
• 7800: with optional semi-automatic function: the curtain lowers automatically with a single short pulling motion. The curtain can be removed from the system easily for cleaning.

7400-E.jpg 7400-E Roman blinds systems 7400 Roman blinds systems 7400 Roman blinds systems 7400.jpg 7800 Roman blinds systems 7800.jpg